Business intelligence

Our business intelligence services encompass a full range of services, addressing any issue that may be of relevance to our client.  It encompasses corporate investigation, background checks, and a full range of industry research. 


Corporate investigation can include basic research into whether a company exists, and whether it is what it claims to be, through to investigations into the company’s reputation; its financial position; its market position; its relationships with government, clients, suppliers, rivals, shareholders, the community and other stakeholders; its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses; its management structure and decision-making processes; the reputations of its management team or key individuals; allegations of corruption or malpractice; and plans for the future.  We can conduct broad investigations into a company as a whole, or look at specific issues of concern to the client. 


Background checks look at the reputations of individuals.  These might be potential business partners, advisors, senior employees or investors, or heads of companies our clients plan to work with. 


Industry research allows us to look beyond a single company into the environment in which it operates.  We can identify key players, and examine their strengths and weaknesses.  We can look at future plans for the development of an industry, and the opportunities and threats that might create.  While much of our industry research comes from corporate sources, there is huge crossover with our policy research: government policy in China often decides the direction in which an industry should develop, and understanding the interaction between government and industry is critical to our research. 


This information can help you better identify, evaluate and understand investment and partnership opportunities, and monitor the position of your business partners and investee companies.  

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