What we do

Sinogie’s research services fall broadly into two areas: policy research and business intelligence. 


Many companies specialise in one or the other of these, but in China there is so much cross-fertilisation between government and industry that we believe that it is necessary to provide both in order to give our clients the information they need.  An investigation into a company cannot be complete without understanding how government policy, and the relationship between the company and relevant government departments, affect the company’s operations.  An investigation into government policy on an industrial issue cannot be complete without understanding how the industry works.   Politics, privatisation, industrial reform, anti-monopoly policy, debt reform, anti-corruption investigations, environmental issues, geopolitics, and many other government factors come into play when looking into any company – Chinese or foreign – working in or with China. 


Our research comes mostly from primary sources, sometimes building on a foundation of publicly-available information.  We will do company searches, checking corporate filings with Chinese and other authorities, and conduct Chinese- and English-language media searches.  But the core of our research – what sets us apart – is our ability to speak to people who know what is happening. 


We work closely with a wide range of Chinese government departments, at the national, provincial and municipal level, as well as with government and non-government think tanks, industry associations and with Chinese academics with close links to government and industry.  We also have a network of business sources across a huge range of industries in China.  By speaking directly to a range of government, non-government, academic and business sources with in-depth knowledge of the issues at hand, we can build a clear picture not only of what is happening, but why it is happening, what will happen next, what factors will influence the future, and how decisions are made. 


Our business intelligence services encompass a full range of services, addressing any issue that may be of relevance to our client.  It encompasses corporate investigation, background checks, and a full range of industry research. 


Our policy research can cover any issue of concern to the client.  It covers Chinese government policy at the national, provincial and municipal level, and examines how policy changes and political risk can affect your business, and how you should alter your strategy to maximise opportunity and minimise risk. 

In everything we do, we speak to a wide range of trusted, well-placed sources to build the most complete picture possible of what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen.



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