Who we are

Founded in 2001 in Hong Kong, Sinogie Consulting is a research and consulting company with offices in Sydney and Shanghai, and with a wealth of experience in Greater China and Australasia. 


With a focus on Greater China, Sinogie provides tailor-made, client-specific market intelligence, corporate investigation, policy analysis and political risk advisory services. 


Our expertise lies not in any one industry, but in understanding how China works. 


Our policy research and political risk operations rely on us understanding how the Chinese government works; how policymaking develops; and how we can work with relevant departments, officials, think-tanks, industry players and others to build a picture of how government policy can affect our clients. 


Our industry research is similar: it relies on us understanding how Chinese corporations – from the largest State-owned enterprises to the newest private start-ups – operate, and more importantly, on understanding the ecosystem in which they exist.  Our access to relevant government officials, industry associations and industry figures gives us unrivalled insight into companies’ operations, unofficial histories, and decision-making systems, as well as broader perspectives on entire sectors. 


Circumstances have now led us to develop similar networks in Australia and New Zealand, and our global clients often call on us to provide policy and industry insights in these markets. 


Sinogie was founded by the company’s CEO, Bruce McLaughlin.  Bruce studied Chinese at university in Britain and China, and moved to Hong Kong in the mid-1990s.  Before setting up Sinogie, he worked in Hong Kong at the China-focused consulting unit of a major global law firm, where he began to build the expertise needed to found Sinogie. 


Sinogie’s Shanghai team is made up of dedicated research specialists, all with at least ten years’ experience in the sector.  They are the backbone of our China research, and have built trusted networks across industry and government to give us the best possible access to the information our clients need. 

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